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Hello Friends!

posted Jan 27, 2016, 8:01 PM by Margarita Spirichin   [ updated Jan 27, 2016, 8:01 PM ]

We are very glad to inform you good news about our Honey. Today we have a some data on the antibacterial activity of our wild forest honey.
We have been participated in The Canadian Therapeutic Honey Project and sent few samples of our wild forest honey for this project.
The Canadian Therapeutic Honey Project was undertaken by professor Katrina Brudzynski at Brock University as part of her research into pharmacologically active molecules naturally occurring in beehive substances. Following the success of Manuka Honey in New Zealand as a pharmacological agent, the project specifically focused on the anti-bacterial molecules present in Canadian honey.
Just yesterday we received a friendly e-mail from professor regarding the first results of research our honey. The result exceeded all expectations and our honeys showed exceptionally high antibacterial activity, equal that of the Active Manuka Honey! The research of our honey will be continued. We'll let you know when we got a new information.
We are proud to produce this really delicious and healthy honey in Canada and also we are very thanks to all people who help to our business and who understands how it is important honey bees today for our environment.

 Thank you very much for help us. Enjoy of our honey and to be healthy.
Margarita & Valeri Spirichin